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  1. Maintenance are over ! Game was backuped ! All dates was renewed on all events Good Luck to all for this week ! Dont forget to make your screenshots with your place in Recharge king and pm me to https://www.m.me/Cyfren Stay Safe !
  2. Hello We announce the next maintenance for change the events dates and backups Thanks for your understanding Winners of the last week Recharge King please pm me on https://www.m.me/Cyfren with your screenshots Stay safe
  3. Hello We are making a maintenance faster Changing Dates of events Creating new Gift Code Backup db
  4. Hello all We Renew all events dates and create new Gift Codes Use for Weekend : WEEKEND13 Use for Mounthly : MOUNTHLY3 Dont forget to Stay Safe and Share CyfrenMu
  5. Hello fighters We will do Maintenance for Renew the events dates ,backup the files and db Please be paitient and share our server ! Thanks for your Share!
  6. New giftcode for this wekend was created You can now use : WEEKEND12 Thanks for your share !
  7. Hello All The events date was updated ! 25-09 to 02-10 All Prizes on game can be claimed only from 1 to 2-10 Aditionaly sets and weapons only when event finish ! All purchases was doubled in game ! Dont forget to make screenshots with your place on Recharge King and send it to my personal facebook for rewards ! www.m.me/Cyfren
  8. Hi This is not an update are just a link for download the CyfrenMu 8.1 because the Google Play have some problems https://mega.nz/file/mdhhgZAR#FJ2uV6ZsejojtSyZy67CcFFRgh2772i1mFJ8MVcAdh8
  9. Hello Fighters ! We just create only 1000 each new giftcodes for this weekend and mounth ! Use this 2 giftcodes: WEEKEND11 MOUNTLY2 Stay Safe and share our server !
  10. The Maintenance are over !
  11. Because we grow the online players i want to make this upgrade to Recharge King and thanks to all for contributing to keep alive the CyfrenMu 8.1 server ! After the Maintenance over we change the prizes for Recharge King! The prizes for Recharge King will be : 1St. Prize : T 23 Set for your Character and Weapons Pro T 30 2Nd. Prize : T 22 Set for your Character and Weapons Pro T 29 3Rd Prize : T 21 Set for your Character and Weapons Pro T 28 From 4 place to 11 place you will get only Weapons T24 Pro ON ALL RECHARGES WILL GET ALL ITEMS WHO YOU SEE ON THE WINDOW ! THIS ABOVE PRIZES NEED TO PM ME ON MY PERSONAL FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/Cyfren If you want maxim T26 set and T70 Weapons Shield T40 you need to be on 1-3 place and pay 100 euro more or if you are on 4-11 place you will need to pay 200 euro more ! For others items you need to make a list with exactly names and pm me on above Facebook Messenger. Good Luck to all ! Stay Safe !
  12. We are making maintenance Changing the events dates backups can wait one hour we back with news keep sharing !
  13. Hello Fighters We doubled all recharges time limited ! Only this Weekend !
  14. Hello We just create new Gift Codes for all Use MOUNTHLY1 and WEEKEND10 Thanks for your share and dont forget to Stay Safe !
  15. Roulette Event on 999 Crystal's with very big win rate ! 4 hours limited time !
  16. Maintenance for 1 hour
  17. Hi all All events was renewed 23-08 to 30-08 The double rewarding automatically your eMoney is on ! This is last week of August automatically doubleyour eMoney on purchases ! Pm me on Facebook.com/Cyfren if u are winner of any place of recharge king and want your items or weapons Stay Safe !
  18. All events was renewed! The Recharge are doubled you get automatically double eMoney! Keep sharing to grow up this community ! Stay Safe !
  19. Pm me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Cyfren
  20. Hi all All Events was restarted The Recharge King was renewed The automatic double your eMoney was activated ! Tomorow will start a new Era of CyfrenMu! Keep sharing and Stay Safe !
  21. We will renew all events dates on 1-08-20 tomorrow! We will change the Diamonds 999 with Crystal's 9999 All mouth August's we will automatically double your eMoney on each purchase ! Minimum purchase will be 20 euro ! Thanks for playing , share and support CyfrenMu !
  22. Hi all we create 2 gift codes for your patience Use : MOUNTHLY for mounth giftcode Use : WEEKEND8 for weekend giftcode Thanks for your shares and dont forget to Stay safe !
  23. Hello Fighters We have upgrade the server and now we have new 2 events on the game ! Mondays at 21:00 will start ! Boss Invasion - Drop Permanent Crystals Custom Drop - Lots of prizes on Lorecia frome Crystal's Enjoy the CyfrenMu 8.1 Server ! Stay Safe !
  24. Hello all The server was backup successfully! All events was restarted New items on Recharge King Good luck to all ! Stay Safe !
  25. Hi No my friend all farming materials will be same ! Only recharge king are restart 😉
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