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  1. HI FIGHTERS After last maintenance we get some issues on the game We are lost some ammounts of diamonds on server 2 and cant create new accounts for the moment ! for the Diamond lost i create a giftcode new only for server2 Use this Giftcode to get 100.000.000 Diamonds ! DIAMONDS100M THIS GIFTCODE WILL BE AVIABLE ONLY 2 DAYS ! Stay Safe !
  2. Hello Fighters Like i promise you have New Giftcodes on Giftcodes Section DOUBLE UP ANY RECHARGE EMONEY ! The Roullette 999 crystals and Double Recharge are online for this weekend ONLY ! LIMITED TIME !!! Will close on 17/05/21 europe time ! Good Luck to all Stay Safe !
  3. Hi Sory for wait ! Servers are online ! Soon will put giftcodes free and the 9999 Roullete crystals i promise Thanks for your Patience !
  4. Im sorry because im working and cant advise about Maintenance! The dev are working on the server I Need to change the dates and bakup it Soon as posible we open it again Your accounts are safe! After maintenance ill open the 9999 crystal in roullete for some hours Stay Safe !
  5. Hello Fighters Today will change the dates on all events and the roulette items Stay tuned! Stay Safe !
  6. Admin


    Server under Maintenance Please be patient We save your data Stay safe
  7. Both servers are online and without problems The hour was changed back to normal Europe time Germany Stay safe
  8. Hello Sory to announce unexpected Maintenance Soon as posible we open the server Stay Safe !
  9. Admin


    Server Online Thanks for your wait I will put 1 giftcode for each server 9999 constant crystals & 4 wings tipe x50 Stay tunned on Forum Giftcodes section
  10. I can't login to the game.
    not registering
  11. Admin


    Hello Fighters Im sorry about this late of the opening server ... I change time on server and get some errors and cant start the server ! The Thoxdev are not available and when will be we will start the server again ! Don't worry about your accounts because i save all before make changes ! Thanks for understanding and im sorry for this issue and ill try to fix it soon as posible ! We will put a giftcode compensation for this loosed time on wait ! Please reply here your suggestions about the items you want for compensation and ill choice from your comments. Stay safe !
  12. Admin


  13. EVENT ENDED 4/05/2021 14:02 EUROPE TIME No more refferals accepted ! Thanks all for your participation! After you reach 40 refferals you need to wait 10-60 days for activation your pay so i think this app are not realy pay ! Make new account and send me screenshots with your confirmed account on https://m.me/Cyfren You need to earn minimum 100$ for send me the screenshots and your reward on CyfrenMu will be 1.000.000 eMoney The minimum withdrawal on the app are 200$ Is not confirmed if are truly pay ! Make your account here https://fjob.xyz/ba70490673471/ After you get your first reward on CyfrenMu you can create more accounts and keep wining emoney On 2nd account created you need to reach 200$ send screenshots to https://m.me/Cyfren and get another 1.000.000 emoney On 3rd account created you need to reach 300$ send screenshots to https://m.me/Cyfren and get another 1.000.000 emoney
  14. EVENT TEMPORARY STOPPING NO NEW GRAM REFFERALS ACCEPTED AFTER 23/04/2021 EUROPA TIME ! Hi all This event is only for have patience Just Need to create new account and Reach Level 2 https://GramFree.cc/?r=15627467 After you reach level 2 you will get 1.000.000 eMoney on CyfrenMu Only Accounts Created from this link are participating on this event ! https://GramFree.cc/?r=15627467 Pm Me on https://m.me/Cyfren with screenshots Good Luck to all ! And dont forghet to get your free Miner of Emoney and Start mining for free emoney only CyfrenMu ! https://forum.cyfrenmu.com/index.php?/forum/63-mu1/ Stay safe !
  15. Hi all Because many requests about changing the hour of the server we change it to : (UTC-06:00) Central America Thanks to all for Play CyfrenMu Stay Safe !
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