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    Hello everyone If you want to see the GIFTCODES topic you need to present yourself here! The GIFTCODES forum are hidden now but if you make 1 post you will unhide automatically! JUST NEED TO MAKE A NEW POST WITH YOUR NAME IN GAME OR WHATEVER ^_^ All GIFTCODES ARE ON THAT TOPIC SO DON'T ASK FOR GIFTCODES ^_^ Thanks for joining ! Stay Home Safe !
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    EVENT ENDED 4/05/2021 14:02 EUROPE TIME No more refferals accepted ! Thanks all for your participation! After you reach 40 refferals you need to wait 10-60 days for activation your pay so i think this app are not realy pay ! Make new account and send me screenshots with your confirmed account on https://m.me/Cyfren You need to earn minimum 100$ for send me the screenshots and your reward on CyfrenMu will be 1.000.000 eMoney The minimum withdrawal on the app are 200$ Is not confirmed if are truly pay ! Make your account here https://fjob.xyz/ba70490673471/ After you get your first reward on CyfrenMu you can create more accounts and keep wining emoney On 2nd account created you need to reach 200$ send screenshots to https://m.me/Cyfren and get another 1.000.000 emoney On 3rd account created you need to reach 300$ send screenshots to https://m.me/Cyfren and get another 1.000.000 emoney
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    EVENT ENDED !!! 19.03.2021 Hi all We hope you all participate on this event for promoting CyfrenMu Server2 1. Like and Share our Facebook page and tag all your friends! Https://Facebook.com/CyfrenMuV10 2. Rate 5 stars our aplication on Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.siamgame.ggplay.cyfrenmu All participating players need to make screenshots and prove he/she is the owner of that screenshots and send it to me on Https://m.me/Cyfren All who completed both steps will receive 1.000.000 eMoney on his account Good Luck to all !
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    Very nice pm me on https://www.m.me/Cyfren for your reward
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    Talking with my friend. Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Hi there We triplicate all recharges on game for 24 hours only ! This process are automatically so with 5 euro you get before 500k eMoney now you will automatically get 1.500.000 eMoney! Thanks all for help to jeep this server alive ! Event start now ! Stay Safe !
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    Hello Fighters Im sorry about this late of the opening server ... I change time on server and get some errors and cant start the server ! The Thoxdev are not available and when will be we will start the server again ! Don't worry about your accounts because i save all before make changes ! Thanks for understanding and im sorry for this issue and ill try to fix it soon as posible ! We will put a giftcode compensation for this loosed time on wait ! Please reply here your suggestions about the items you want for compensation and ill choice from your comments. Stay safe !
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    9999 Constant roulette
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    9999 roulet item for upgrade
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    15/06/2021 Event Reopen ! If you start this Event are very important to not create new account because you loose the previous account reward ! CHECK THE FOTOS AND WHEN YOU GET LVL2 YOU WILL BE REWARDED ON CyfrenMu! If you are one of the below pictures and complette lvl2 you will get your reward only if you prove withe some screenshots you are the owner of the account and reach lvl2 ! Good luck to all ! Hi all This event is only for have patience Just Need to create new account and Reach Level 2 https://GramFree.cc/?r=15627467 After you reach level 2 you will get 1.000.000 eMoney on CyfrenMu Only Accounts Created from this link are participating on this event ! https://GramFree.cc/?r=15627467 Pm Me on https://m.me/Cyfren with screenshots Good Luck to all ! And dont forghet to get your free Miner of Emoney and Start mining for free emoney only CyfrenMu ! https://forum.cyfrenmu.com/index.php?/forum/63-mu1/ Stay safe !
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    Hi all Because many requests about changing the hour of the server we change it to : (UTC-06:00) Central America Thanks to all for Play CyfrenMu Stay Safe !
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    https://forum.cyfrenmu.com/index.php?/topic/414-the-recharge-king-prizes-extra/ https://forum.cyfrenmu.com/index.php?/topic/384-all-giftcodes-actualized/ +DOUBLE Natin EMONEY mu sa 50 EURO UP RECHARGES Basta may Screen Shot ka Lang sa Transaction Mu at e Send mu lang sa Akin WWW.M.ME/Cyfren https://forum.cyfrenmu.com/index.php?/topic/430-double-recharge https://discord.gg/vuTF57Y Sa Pagpasok sa Laru Pasok Lang sa Vip/recharge/Other payments Pili Lang sa inyung Recharge na Amount Paano Gamitin eMoney: Sa Pag Pasok sa Laru sa Vip/recharge/others payments ipagpalit mu lang eMoney mu sa diamonds para maging KING ka sa Top of RECHARGE kung Mahabol mu lang yung Amount kailangan pwde rin sa montly card Para matangap ang all days for 30 days 1 item lang Makita sa monthly card Pero hindi sya counted sa Top sa Recharge King kung ikaw ay nakabili sa monthly card https://forum.cyfrenmu.com/index.php?/topic/384-all-giftcodes-actualized/
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    Hello Fighters ! Im glade to announce this event ! Like all know we have all sets upgrade to T40 and weapons up to T 85 for free playing and farmning but also from Roulette We will put 9999 constant Crystal's on Roulette for 24 hours on both servers because the CyfrenMu server is an international Free Server and i don't want to defavorizate any country ! The event start on 30 minutes . Good Luck to all and thanks for all your support ! I hope we will be a happy Family for long long time 😇🥰😋 Stay safe !
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    Hello Fighters ! The extra prizes for recharge king will be : CyfrenMu Server 1 : Places 1-3 2 items set T30 or 1 Weapon Pro T70 Places 4-11 1 Item set T30 or 1 Weapon Pro T50 CyfrenMu Server 2 : Places 1-3 2 items set T20 or 1 Weapon Pro T40 Places 4-11 1 item set T20 or Weapon Pro T20 PS : ALL PRO WEAPONS ON BOTH SERVERS CANT BE UPGRADED IN GAME ! Don't forget to share our game to your friend because like and share will bring here more players ! Stay Safe! Thanks and Good Luck to all !
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    All fashions will be updated and will can be updated to lvl 30 so just be patient and keep your fashions on inventory.
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    It’s hard to open this box, the quantity can’t identify.
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    Too much items so I write a list here Wings: Nightmare wings, Wings of God, Golden feather, Red winged Wing, Wings of Hades, Champion Cup, Angel wings, Wings of Dark Gold, Wings of Great Love, War Melody, Qi Feng Heming, Shooting Star, Wings of Rein, Flame Wheel, Ice Wheel, Thunderous Wheel. Footprints: Heart Footprints. Weapon Fashion Shaka can’t use.
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    Merry Christmas @everyone !!! Its Christmas feast Event Take a pic your Christmas Feast while playing CyfrenMu 5 winners will receive Choices T26 Set T70 Weapon T50 Talisman Deadline: December 25, 2020 23:59:59 Goodluck Guys
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    Merry Christmas to admin and to all the stuff of Cyfenmu and Have a blessed and fruitfull New year.
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    We will make maintenance for this week at 22:00 Europe time Don't forget to make your screenshots with your place on Recharge King and send to my personal Facebook www.m.me/Cyfren Next week we keep same recompense Place 1-3 set t26 and weapons t70 Place 4-11 only weapons t30 All purchases are double your eMoney Official new Facebook page WwW.Facebook.Com/MuCyfren
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    Hello Have new giftcode for this weekend WEEKEND15 DONT FORGET ! THIS WEEK FIRST 3 PLACE ON RECHARGE KING GET SET T26 AND WEAPONS T70! Place 4-11 only weapons t30 Stay Safe !
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    It's not a good idea to wipe the whole data. Dont you think it would be unfair or bias between donators and f2p players? They all have their progress and time spent, however the compensation for the both is it fairly distributed? I dont think so. Coz the most prior player who compensate here is those donators. Isn't it? And better discuss also whats the compensstion so that it would be both fair for the parties(donators and f2p players). And maybe f2p player would agree if their are changes to the game. Especially the hp and dmg bug. And regards to dummies account is it too much for the server having multiple account? Does the server can keep up? I agreed to one who commented that it wil be best if wipe the data of those who not played for 4-6months and add server. That's the best solution I recommend too.
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    Because the Cristmas is here soon we make some improvements ! Add Christmas items on Recharge king items on top 1-11 2017 Christmas Carnival Set x50 top 6-11, 350 top1, 300 top 2 , 250 top 3, 150 top 4-5 Christmas Tree Footprints x50 Christmas weapon x50 All Purchases will double up your eMoney ! 50% Discount on all upgrades from your place on Recharge king to T 26 Set and T70 Weapons Check this post if you want to know the normal rewards if you will be on top 1-11
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    Hello We are making a maintenance faster Changing Dates of events Creating new Gift Code Backup db
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    New Giftcode for this Weekend " SOULG9 " all Purchases for WEEKEND was DOUBLED activated Automaticaly Recharge Double eMoney Lucky wheel Was upgraded with new items ! Good Luck to all Stay Safe ! Have a greate stay on CyfrenMu Don't hesitate to participate on Like and Share with tag 5 friends and get your special Gift Code if you don't participated yet ! Only 1 prize for account !
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