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    Hello everyone If you want to see the GIFTCODES topic you need to present yourself here! The GIFTCODES forum are hidden now but if you make 1 post you will unhide automatically! JUST NEED TO MAKE A NEW POST WITH YOUR NAME IN GAME OR WHATEVER ^_^ All GIFTCODES ARE ON THAT TOPIC SO DON'T ASK FOR GIFTCODES ^_^ Thanks for joining ! Stay Home Safe !
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    Hello Fighters! The new giftcodes for this weekend are ... MOUNTS & WEEKEND
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    We will downgrade your wings from your actual lvl to lvl 12 manually because you dont upgrade to full the wings to full before lvl 12 This fix to your wings will be make only on Maintenance and not to all on same time ! Please post here your character name and on next Maintenance will start fixing your wings . After you will see the wings to lvl 12 please replay here to your post if are fixed ! Thanks for your patience and understanding! Stay Safe !
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    Hello Fighters ! We create some bonuses for all who want to make a purchase on the game ! Please read careful and not ask for more items ! After your make the purchase contact >>> me<<< for Double up the eMoney and Receive the BONUS All bonusescan late 24-48 Hours ! The default eMoney will automatically add ! Send the screenshot with the pay on my personal Facebook Only !!! This are CyfrenMu Donators Bonuses ! Purchase 5 euro in Game ! Egyptian costume x20 Swimwear costume x20 War melody x20 Wings of graceful x20 Shooting star x20 DOUBLE YOUR eMoney Purchase 10 euro in Game ! 2 complete journals Baseball fashion x20 Mechanical suit x20 Zombie footprints x20 Wings of petal x20 The end of the sky x20 DOUBLE YOUR eMoney Purchase 20 euro in Game ! 2 pets max bonus(choice and comunicate after purchase) 5 complete journals(ONLY IF U PURCHASE 10EURO PAKAGE IF NOT 3+) Mount gear tier 10 max specs Conqueror costume x20 Panda mount fashion x20 Platypus mounts fashion x20 DOUBLE YOUR eMoney Purchase 30 euro in Game ! 3 PETS MAX bonus(choice and comunicate after purchase) 7JOURNALS(ONLY IF U PURCHASE 10+20EURO PAKAGE IF NOT 2 +) Mount gear tier 12 MAX SPECS Wings of painful x20 Wings of ganster x20 Soul gems Grade 10 Lvl1 DOUBLE YOUR eMoney Purchase 50 euro in Game ! 4 pets max bonus bonus(choice and comunicate after purchase) 10 journal complete(ONLY IF U PURCHASE 10+20+30 PAKAGE IF NOT +3) Mount gear tier 12 3 CHEST Mounts aleatory (ITS A CHEST CAN BE 3 MOUNTS IF YOU HAVE LUCK !:) Soul stone 12 max tier Wings of Black X20 Wings of Outrageous 100 times rebirth experience seal (new reborn) x30 DOUBLE YOUR eMoney Purchase more combinations on request please contact me on Facebook : Florin Varteniuc (Cyfren) mailto:admin@cyfrenmu.com
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    Hello Fighters ! We create this event only for CyfrenMu 8.1.0 ! 🎉🎉 CYFREN MU Version 8.1.0 - Free Diamond 🎉🎉 🚩 Event for Special Gift Code ✔️ Step1: LIKE and SHARE this post with the public mode. ✔️ Step2: Tag 5 your friends in this post. ✔️ Step3: After done the above steps please message us your USERNAME & SERVER # to receive Special Gift Code. ⛔ Important: - Special Gift Code only receive once! - Each character only uses a Special Gift Code once. - Each Facebook account receive only once gift code for LIKE and SHARE 👉 This LIKE SHARE event will expire when we open the next server.
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    Hi all Today at 18:00 GMT+1 will start the new server ! Please read carefully first Rulles and dont spamm ! The new server are very equilibrated and frome start you just have : 1 piece of T 15 Gear for all class ( Giftcode to first 1000 claims) 5 M Diamonds All rest you just need to play ! Any 2 minutes u get 4000 Diamonds Any killed monster drop 500 Diamonds and items for farming new items and Events Just play and will get all you need ! No bugs No lag New Reborn map working 100% All equilibrium its on your play time ^_^ Important ! At 18:00 here we will post a Giftcode so stay Tuned !
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    CHARACTER NAME : BlackClover
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    I left the Team because of the childish owners. I removed every video that I made and also Remove the trash P-server posts from all websites I will do nothing anymore for this trash Team. @Admin Delete this account and if you have balls that you mabey have let this post here. Have a corona free day.
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    New server for new player it totaly imposible to get old player BP

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