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  4. Hi all We get Double eMoney on all Recharges 5 euro = 1.000.000 eMoney Normal Recharges 5 euro = 500k eMoney On Weekend will have 9999 constant Crystal's and more on Roulette ! Thanks for your shares ! Stay Safe !
  5. pls help when i play no skill effect and cant see my skill on my skill button on the lower right
  6. Hi all I found a new event for free and phone only I will pay the emoney only if you are folow the steps ! 1. Uninstall Your TikTok app you have installed ! 2. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRrgdVLD/ Click this link and install TikTok fresh and create new account ! Only 1 for player ! 3. Put the refferal code when are ask ! Q657819911 IF YOU ARE NOT PUT THIS REFFERAL CODE WILL NOT CLAIM THE REWARD ! https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRrgdVLD/ SEND SCREENSHOTS TO ME Https://m.me/Cyfren Good Luck to all !
  7. Hi all 9999 CONSTANT CRISTALS FOR 24 HOURS ONLY ON ROULLETE ACTIVATED ! We change the dates on all events and activate TRIPLE EMONEY RECHARGE FOR ALL RECHARGES UNTIL AGUST 31 ! Good Luck to all Stay safe !
  8. Hi Today i will activate triple eMoney on all Recharges and on this Weekend i will put 9999 constant Crystal's on Roulette for Limited time only! Stay tuned and safe ! Good Luck to all !
  9. Khanxx


    Guys helo me get some emoney. I read some post heee in formus about free emoney. Hoe can i get them? Pls help me.
  10. On 3 days i will pay all rewards and extrarewards because im coming home from the vacation. Sry for the troubles!
  11. Hi all The dates was changed and all Recharges on game was doubled New giftcode will be added on the night Stay Safe !
  12. Hi all I change all items on roulette and double up all recharges for any eMoney Keep sharing our game Stay Safe !
  13. Hi all The user panel was fixed now you can use your eMoney or make new recharges Tonight we will make the Maintenance and change the dates of the events at 20:00 Europe Time
  14. Need to send money directly to my PayPal florinvarteniuc@yahoo.com like friends or family I pay x3 eMoney on all recharges + bonus 5euro =1.500.000 eMoney 10 euro = 3.200.000 eMoney 20 euro = 7.000.000 eMoney 30 euro = 10.000.000 eMoney 50EURO = 17.000.000 eMoney Send screenshots to https://m.me/Cyfren
  15. Not can login?
  16. EVENT ENDED ! 22 -07 -21 Create new account and activate your account from your confirmation email https://bremit.io/BR862097005 Send screenshots to https://m.me/Cyfren
  17. Hi there We triplicate all recharges on game for 24 hours only ! This process are automatically so with 5 euro you get before 500k eMoney now you will automatically get 1.500.000 eMoney! Thanks all for help to jeep this server alive ! Event start now ! Stay Safe !
  18. Hi all We enabled Weekend only 999 Constant cristals on roullete Good luck to all
  19. Hello Fightters today maintenance for change dates and items on Recharge king Dont forget to make screenshots and send it to me on https://m.me/Cyfren if you want to claim extra rewards Stay Safe !
  20. EVENT ENDED ! 12/07/2021 Activate bot and send screenshots to https://m.me/Cyfren with inside bot and your account on CyfrenMu seoarated rows https://t.me/LTC_Pro_Miningbot?start=r0762145246 Good luck to all Stay Safe !
  21. EVENT ENDED ! 9/07/2021 Get 300k eMoney after create and verify your account ! Send screenshots with your account details (NO PASSWORD !!! ) to : https://m.me/Cyfren Are you feeling Lucky today ? Participate in World’s fastest growing cryptocurrency and earn $1 guaranteed which you can sell immediately . Takes just 5 mins to claim, so don’t miss it. Refer more friends and win $0.5 for every friend Here is my personal invite link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fio.ecoin.wallet&referrer=iv8stkecoinapp Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency are often hailed as the world changing revolution, but getting and using crypto is difficult still. Ecoin wants to change that, Ecoin has created world’s simplest and super fun way of earning your first crypto in less than 10 seconds By doing this Ecoin is currently the fastest growing crypto with over 3 million ( 30 lakh ) users signed-up in just 60 days Simply sign up with Ecoin now and earn 500 Ecoins ( worth $2 ), To match this Ecoin Foundation will donate 15% or 90 Ecoins additionally to a charity of your choice which is helping coronavirus victims which doesn't cost you anything. That's not all, for every friend you refer you earn 600 Ecoins and additional 90 Ecoins will be credited to your charity account which you can donate to a charity of your choice. Ecoin is designed by the ex-Microsoft guys which boasts of world's first AI-driven user onboarding that can detect genuine users from fake ones ensuring one person can’t claim with multiple emails. Using this technology Ecoins will be distributed to everyone completely free of cost. When Ecoin reaches mass adoption, your ecoins will be worth a lot, there is nothing to lose anyway, Ecoin recently had a price pump of 200% in the last 10 days. Please remember once they cross the next million users, this giveaway will drop to 400 ecoins, so don’t miss this opportunity. There’s also a surprise if you sign up in the next 1 hour. Come join me and let's be part of this once-in-a-lifetime crypto revolution 🙏 ! ps: Ecoin will never ask you to invest your money, don't be fooled by scammers.
  22. Hello Fighters ! Time ago we developed a new criptocurrency This criptocurrency name is MU1 YOU CAN ALWAYS MINE AND EXCHANGE THE MU1 TO E-MONEY 1000 MU1 = 1.000.000 E-MONEY ONLY FOR PC ! READ THIS TOPIC FOR MORE INFO OR PM ME PRIVATE ON https://m.me/Cyfren Download here !
  23. EVENT ENDED ! 7/07/2021 ! https://t.me/PowerADA_bot?start=r0762145246 Send screenshots with your confirmed account on: Https://m.me/Cyfren
  24. Hello Fighters We triplicate all your recharges for this weekend only ! Normal recharge 5 euro - 500.000 eMoney Triple Recharge 5 euro - 1.500.000 eMoney Normal recharge 10 euro - 1.000.000 eMoney Triple Recharge 5 euro - 3.000.000 eMoney So on Pm me on https://m.me/Cyfren If you have any problems or reply here ! Good luck to all ! Stay Safe !
  25. Weekly Maintenance! Change dates and items Dont forget the TRIPLE EMONEY RECHARGE FOR ANY AMMOUNT ON GAME FOR WEEKEND START TOMOROW !
  26. EVENT ENDED ! 7/07/2021 ! https://t.me/MultiCoinClaimerBot?start=0762145246 Send screenshots with joined screen on Https://m.me/Cyfren Reward on CyfrenMu account 300.000 eMoney
  27. CLOSED EVENT ! ENDED ! https://t.me/bitorrent_miner_bot?start=733450358 Click the link and join the bot Make screenshots and send to me on Https://m.me/Cyfren 300.000 eMoney will get on your CyfrenMu account
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